What are you doing with the gifts God has given you?

You don't need more scripture. 
You need more

“The purpose in a woman’s heart is like deep water, but a woman of understanding will draw it out.”


Your frustration is building because there is something deep inside you screaming to get out. You’ve been in church for years, learning about God’s purpose for your life and how He wants to bless you….and yet you still feel stuck. That business or ministry or book is kicking inside you like an unborn child ready to be born. But you’ve been putting it off. Why? 

…because you don’t know where to start.

And everytime you have tried to start, something knocks you three steps backward, and you give up. Fear, finances, negative friends and family – something always gets in the way of your dreams, and you are fed up. You are tired of compromising what you really want and settling for less than what you know you are worth. You are ready for more. So much more!


You don’t have to spend another year walking in circles, frustrated and confused about your purpose. You can get the help you need to finally unlock your purpose and figure out your next step.


you need a strategy to help draw it out

That’s where I come in. My events and services help you identify and overcome mental barriers that keep you stuck in a mediocre life, living beneath your fullest potential and feeling like your life is missing something. If you are ready for more than a day-to-day grind and relationships that drain your energy, then let me help you develop a success strategy to up-level every area of your life.

Whether you want to increase your faith, improve your lifestyle or launch your business, we have a strategy for you.

We are good at what we do because we don’t rely on our strength alone. Using the Word of God, our teachings, programs and events offer Biblical principles that can be applied to every aspect of your life.

Dalita has an anointing on her that helped break through my barrier.

I attended Dalita’s REVIVE Women’s Conference in 2016. I upgraded my attendance to VIP, which entitled me to a one-on-one coaching session with Dalita. I was struggling with my purpose. Dalita has an anointing on her that helped break through my barrier. She asked questions which led to more questions. At the end of our session, Dalita gave me her anointed revelation of my purpose. I wanted to help people with a desire to publish a book. My book will be released in 2018. Thank you Dalita for helping me with my breakthrough. 


Author | Atlanta, GA

Coaching and Mentorship Programs

Every woman is at a different stage in her journey, requiring attention in a different area of development. Below, you’ll find an area specific to where you are right now.



Increase your faith and connect with God in a deeper, more authentic way at Arise Fellowship. This gathering of like-minded women will forever change your perspective on women’s ministry. Join us every 1st Saturday of the month in Houston, Texas to network with women of faith who support and encourage one another through fellowship, prayer and true relationship. 



Through the Imagine Your Life Mentorship Program, you receive one-on-one support to help you figure out your God-given purpose, overcome mental blocks and build your confidence so you can  create the life you really want. My in-depth lessons cover every aspect of your life from mindset and relationships to vision building and effective goal setting so you can walk away whole.



Whether you want to replace your 9-5 job with your own profitable business, start a side-hustle or develop a ministry/nonprofit, the LAUNCHED Training Academy will help you lay the foundation for a successful launch. Using faith and leadership principles, I help women step into entrepreneurship and ministry with strategic tools and resources to succeed in the marketplace.

What would your life look like one year from now if today you decided to make your goals non-negotiable?


I teach women how to
gain more confidence, clarity and courage

A few years ago, I almost gave up – on life, on my dreams, on my faith. My life looked NOTHING like I had planned, and I was slowly drowning in sorrow and fear, and I didn’t know how to change my situation. I was going to church faithfully, but I wasn’t getting answers. I felt like God had abandoned me. But He hadn’t. With prayer and a few specific strategies, I was able to turn my breakdown into a journey of breakthroughs and create a business around my gift.

As a clarity coach and purpose mentor, I help women get unstuck by discovering their God-given gifts, unlocking their purpose, and fulfilling their Kingdom assignment.